Visitor Information

Enjoy your Visit

When you get here

There is plenty of free parking available. Before you go onto the course, please call in at the Pro Shop to let them know you’re here.

Changing and Locker Rooms
Your comfort is important to us and so we provide furnished locker rooms for changing shoes and clothing. All locker rooms, located in the clubhouse just a few steps away from the first tee and 18th green contain washroom and shower facilities. They are code secured, so please just ask in the Pro-shop when you arrive, for this code. We want you to feel very welcome and comfortable right from the off.

Around the Club

We want all of our guests to feel relaxed on the course. Please just wear tidy clothing and appropriate shoes on the course and clubhouse. If you are in anyway unsure of what might be appropriate, please give Ogbourne Downs Golf Club shop a call 0n 01672 841327 and they’ll only be too happy to help. A number of our guests do this to ensure that their day gets off to the best of starts and that there are no awkward moments.

Mobile Phones on the Course
We ask that if you need to take a phone onto the course it is switched to silent. If you need to take a call or make a call in case of emergency, please ensure that you manage the call in a way that does not disrupt any other players in your group or on the course. Often, just alerting your group to the fact you might need to take a call and will step away from the group if that happens, averts any difficult situations. We just ask for sensitivity towards the needs of your fellow players.

Most of all – enjoy your Ogbourne Downs Golf Club experience. Tell your friends about us. Refer others and receive future discounts.

Green Fees

Weekday Weekend
Visitor Adult 18 holes £30 £45
Visitor Adult 9 holes £20 £30
Visitor Day Rate £40 £55
Visitor Junior 18 holes £15 £25
Visitor County Card £15 £25
Guest Adult 18 holes £15 £20
Guest Junior 18 holes £10 £15

Weekend rates apply on Bank Holidays.

Special Offers

Weekday Weekend
Visitor 4 Ball Special £100 £160