NHS Online Golf Auction Raises Over £100,000

//NHS Online Golf Auction Raises Over £100,000

Please see the excerpt below of an email from Stacey Jefferies who is a volunteer fundraiser for Support NHS Charities Together. He was responsible for setting up the National Golf Club Challenge which invited clubs to donate a round of golf to be auctioned in order to raise money for our NHS Heroes.


A quick email to thank you for your support with the recent NHS Online Golf Auction – You will be pleased to learn the counter on the Justgiving page has now edged over £100,000 www.justgiving.com/fundraising/golf-nhs.

Without your support, this would have not been possible…

Rather than just leave things as they are, I am now going to leave the Justgiving Page OPEN all Winter …Inviting individual messages of support from golfers, directed to our NHS staff to be accompanied with a £4 donation to NHS Charities Together.

This winter is undoubtedly going to be an unprecedented time for our NHS, on the front line, our courageous NHS staff will go through hell, working superhuman hours to protect us all, so the £100,000 already raised can now be used as a platform to reach out to golfers all over the UK. Golf has created this platform… so we say… Golfers… Please Give our NHS A ‘Shout’ this Winter.

The Justgiving page is now a place for golfers to unite to show appreciation with a SHOUT out to our EXCEPTIONAL NHS STAFF offering a morale boosting message of support to our NHS staff accompanied with a small donation of £4 (‘fore’) to NHS Charities Together…

Please feel free to share this with your members to they can leave their own message of support to help our NHS staff through this Winter.

Thank you again, together there is nothing we cannot achieve.

Best wishes

Stacey Jeffries

Volunteer Fundraiser To Support NHS Charities Together

Email – stacey@golf4nhs.co.uk

Website – www.golf4nhs.co.uk