Play Safe, Stay Safe

/Play Safe, Stay Safe

Ogbourne Downs is currently open for golf

Health and safety of our members, visitors and staff are our top priority. Playing golf is good for you both your physical and mental health and we are taking measures to allow golf to continue safely.


Conditions of play and rules are being reviewed constantly and will be updated from time to time.

The overriding consideration is the safety of our members and staff. The advice is still to maintain a distance of 2m from others at all times and to wash or sanitise your hands regularly. The following guidelines are designed to help you maintain your safety and must be observed. These will be reviewed from time to time as conditions change.

The course is open for members (only) to play golf from 13 May 2020. The clubhouse and catering facilities are not available. The locker room may not be used. Members may access the locker room on the first occasion they play to remove their kit and subsequently, should take their equipment home with them.

The pro shop is open to one person at a time during normal hours.

Buggies are available but strictly one person per buggy.


Tee-times must be booked by using the online BRS system. The system is set up to allow two-ball play only. Tee times are at 10-minute intervals to help maintain distance between payers. You may not play without a booked tee-time. You must not start before your allotted tee-time. If you find you are not able to play you MUST remove yourself as early as possible via the booking system to allow another member to take your place.

Before play

Please do not aim to arrive at the club more than 20 minutes before your tee-time and please change in the car park.

The practice nets and the short game area are open. The driving is open subject to the following;

  • Only every other outside bay is in use, indoor bays are not to be used
  • Individual golfers only, maximum capacity is 4 golfers
  • Range buckets must be picked up and returned to the shop, there will be a list for names in the shop
  • Please don’t touch the mats, the rubber tees or the balls
  • Only play from the mats, not from the grass
  • Range balls must stay on the range and cannot be taken onto the short game area
  • Range tokens will not be touched by staff and will be regularly sprayed with anti-viral spray

Please do not approach the first tee until the previous pair have left the teeing area.

Conditions of play

There are no competitions or cards for handicap purposes. For the pace of play, match play golf is preferred. You must keep up with the group in front but maintain your distance. Preferred lies are in force in bunkers as rakes will be removed from all bunkers, please try to smooth out the sand as best you can with your foot and/or club after your shot. Flags must be left in at all times and you must avoid touching flagsticks. All putts within 12 inches of the hole should be conceded.

After your game

Once your game is over, please leave the club as soon as possible. Bins have been removed from around the course and the clubhouse, please take any rubbish with you.