Buthlay Cup – Ogbourne Downs narrowly defeated in final

//Buthlay Cup – Ogbourne Downs narrowly defeated in final

The Buthlay Cup is organised by the Wiltshire Golf Union and is open to all clubs in the county. The format is 4BBB with four pairs in each team.

This year eighteen clubs took part in the competition comprising three leagues of six teams. The winner of each league and the best runner up qualified for the semi-finals. Ogbourne Downs won four of their five games and topped their league to progress to the semi-finals where they faced The Wiltshire.  This match was played at Cumberwell Park and resulted in a convincing win for Ogbourne Downs.

Kingsdown also qualified for the final which was played at Marlborough in testing conditions. Unfortunately, the result did not go our way with the team losing 3 – 1 in a close match with the last two matches each being lost by a single hole.

All games were played in good spirit with plenty of good humoured banter but at the same time very competitive.

Well done to all those who represented the club in the competition.